The Mezunian

Die Positivität ist das Opium des Volkes, aber der Spott ist das Opium der Verrückten

Waste Land Sonnet

Accompanying music.

April is the coolest month1,

breeding flies & leaking oil.

¡Plastic stomachs’ filthy fluff!

¡Mattresses with ripped-up coils!

Here the seagulls sing their squawks

through the acid lemon rain

over rusty concrete blocks

with glass shards & worthless change.

Spread your arms, feel all the brine,

bang your heads while ravens cry,



  • [1] Actually, October is; but that wouldn’t work with this parody. Maybe if I do a «Prufrock Sonnet»…
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Me pillaron reyéndome solo otra vez.

Now they’ll take every cake ‘gain.

No más me pasaré bien;

they’ll trade mine for their entertainment.

Oh, cómo echaré de menos los cranjeros

by the coast;

cómo extrañaré los sentimentos

o’ the socks on my toes when I’ve become a ghost

y por último me fallecerá la corazón.

—That is when I’ll learn the hurt from laughing ‘lone —dijó esos.

They caught me laughing ‘lone ‘gain.

Ahora sacarán todas las tartas otra vez.

Things won’t be swell for me anymo’;

intercambiarán su divertido por esos de mio.

O, how I’ll miss the crabs

cerca de la costa;

how I’ll so miss those feelings

de los calcetines en mis pies cuando me ponga una fantasma

& finally my heart fails.

—Eso es la hora que aprenderé el duele de reírme solo—said those.

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Puddle Sonnet

Accompanying music.

Rainbows spread its fingers through

granite gray & silver liquid

crystal screens that always plume

in the rain that makes it fidget.

Should I splash my feet in you?

Does it feel like smacks or pets?

Looks as if you always snooze,

slowly swaying white light flecks.

Puddles never make me frown,

always soothe me with their sounds—

in their love I want to drown.

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