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Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

While everyone always lists Kirby’s Adventure or Kirby Super Star or Kirby’s Air Ride as their vote for the best Kirby game, my favorite is Kirby & the Amazing Mirror. Granted, I can understand why a lot o’ people may not be so fond o’ it, since what I most like ’bout it is a quality a lot o’ people seem to not like in games: deep, labyrinthine worlds full o’ hidden collectibles. A witness to this is the fact that despite Kirby Super Star’s reputation, its subgame, “The Great Cave Offensive,” which is somewhat similar to Amazing Mirror—though much mo’ linear & with treasures that lean mo’ toward the aesthetic than the technical—is oft derided as tedious, whereas I consider it my favorite.

Amazing Mirror is a “Metroidvania,” & probably the best, though largely due to a special quirk o’ Kirby games. It has some o’ the most open-ended exploration o’ any Metroidvania: after a quick intro section & the 1st boss, you can pretty much go everywhere ‘cept the final zone. You can explore the “areas”—which are mo’ loose groupings o’ rooms, since one moves ‘tween “areas” through the same simple doors one uses to move ‘tween rooms within a “area”—in any order, beat all bosses but the 1st in any order. Rather than having to collect powerups in 1 section to reach the next, & so on, all puzzles are based on what ability Kirby has, which can be found in many places. For instance, the 2nd area has a route that leads directly to the 9th & final area—in fact, the only way to reach that area. It’s mo’ a giant world than separate areas.

The reason this works so well is ’cause Kirby games are so easy that the 9th area is hardly any harder than the 2nd area. That’s the downside to open-ended games: they make difficulty curves harder to carve—& those unfortunate greenhorns who’ve stumbled wrongly through the 1st Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy II have learned the importance o’ well-wrought difficulty curves.

That said, transport through these areas are made mo’ convenient & less repetitive by unlocking hub rooms, which lead back to the main hub where you start each game session.

As mentioned, the treasures in Amazing Mirror aren’t as interesting as getting seasonal hearts or a lucky cat or the bucket Wario drops on Mario & his friends’ heads, but they are actually useful to gameplay… sometimes. Sometimes they’re just spray cans that allow you to paint all o’er Kirby or tracks to the sound test; but some are hearts that give extra health points or maps for each area so one knows where one’s going.

Amazing Mirror also has my favorite ability o’ any game: the Smash ability, based on Kirby’s moveset from Super Smash Bros. Melee & won by beating & eating a Master Hand miniboss, which allows Kirby to do an upper cutter that can release a blade wave quite a distance forward & reach quite high up, a side hammer swipe that can break strong blocks to the side, & a downward stone ability that allows one to break strong blocks downward. The only ability mo’ robust for solving puzzles is Meta Knight’s sword, gotten after beating the game; & there is only 1 or 2 puzzles in the entire game that can’t be solved with Smash.

Amazing Mirror also had great aesthetics. The backgrounds are painterly beautiful (‘specially “Carrot Castle”’s & “Candy Constellation”’s & the sprites are fluidly cartoony without being crude.

Its music is some o’ my favorite Kirby music, with the following highlights:

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¿Is the Web Hosting Industry Corrupt or What?

Man, why is everyone wasting their time talking ’bout some conspiracy ’bout some random woman fucking some random guy @ some magazine or website I’ve ne’er cared ’bout when there’s much mo’ potent (albeit, not exactly life-threatening) corruption in web hosting.

You e’er read web host reviews & notice the sheer # that offer coupons & admit to getting commissions from web hosts? This is funny to me, ’cause I always thought rule #1 o’ serious review sites was not to take payment from the people you’re reviewing.

It’s not that nobody’s talking ’bout it (there’s nothing that nobody’s talking ’bout). I found 3 easily–Research as a Hobby, Digital FAQ, & Review Hell–which talk all ’bout EIG & how corrupt they are, yadda yadda. But here’s the funny thing: they all take commissions from web hosts, too.

Research as a Hobby:

So if my hobby can bring me even a little extra income, that will be great and will motivate me to prepare and put the results of my analysis on this website (and it is really time-consuming although pleasant work).

That’s why some links on my website that are affiliate. It means that if you make a purchase following these links, there are chances that I will get some compensation. This compensation is paid by the company where the purchase is made.

Digital FAQ:

If one of our suggested hosts has an affiliate program, great, we join it, and the funds are used to support the costs of maintaining this site. If not, oh well, good is good, and they still get our suggestion.

Review Hell:

Review Hell may receive commissions from sales generated through this site.

Note that I understand that they don’t make as much money, still recommend hosts that don’t provide commissions, & thus aren’t as bad as the worst offenders. & they–‘specially Research as a Hobby & Digital FAQ–do still provide interesting info, such as Digital FAQ’s guide that explains o’erselling, & why it’s important, economically, for all hosts to do it. Still, it just kind o’ bums me out that I couldn’t find 1 review site that doesn’t accept commissions. I mean, yeah, Digital FAQ only made $5 from EuroVPS; but you could flip that round & ask, ¿was that $5 worth losing the ability to say in loud colors, “We accept no commissions; we are 100% independent”? Just a lament.

The Marxist/savvy businessman1 in me might say that this tendency toward corruption is a natural outcome o’ steeply rising competition as people scramble to keep themselves economically ‘bove the surface by any means possible… But I’m narcissistic, so I’ll just bitch ’bout how I’ll ne’er know a good way to find out whether I should go with BadassHost or FuckYeahHost without shelling $5-15 a’least once. ¿& who has that kind o’ money?

Obviously I ought to start offering glowing reviews for HostGator & Bluehost–for a fair commission, ‘course–& then add all those tacky ads offering weight loss tips & articles ’bout zany motor homes. Hey, I have to make a living somehow.


[1] The slim difference ‘tween Marxists & a savvy businessperson: a Marxist says, “The corrupt capitalists are fucking o’er the working class, ¡& we must stop them!” The wise businessperson says: “The corrupt capitalists are fucking o’er the working class, ¡& I gotta get in on that!”

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¡SomethingAwful Forums is currently having an “open day” for sending their black copters out to put us all in the Gulag!

I promised I’d bring mo’ Reddit, & I brought mo’ Reddit.

Somebody posts some seemingly innocuous thread wherein they talk ’bout some “open day” wherein the self-decribed elitist SomethingAwful forums allowed the rest o’ us poor bums too cheap to pay $10 to read the entire archives. It then immediately devolves into some purple-Kool-Aid shit, completely lacking any irony @ all:

And it gets worse: organizations affiliated with SA have been outed as CIA fronts. and the founder, Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka has admitted to multiple meetings with Obama’s security team.

Follow that link to see a generic gaming website (this 1 clearly understanding the absurdity & clearly playing it for laughs) quoting the reputable source, Glenn Beck, who is an expert in all those hip young internets, yo. Nowhere does this article quote best-capitalist-supervillain-name-e’er, Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka acknowledging this other claim–but we should just assume it’s true, since rational people assume exceptional events all the time.

Then someone proves that SomethingAwful is truly a Satanic cult through exactly 1 anonymous testimony wherein some guy claims to have been hypnotized into Hollywood psychological problems by lame memes.

Also, apparently “Lowtax” uses those $10 for a secret Swiss bank to buy mail-order brides & Aeron chairs. How the latter is a conspiracy, I’m not sure. ¡True Americans buy Eames Lounge!

There’s also the tedious shit ’bout “SJWs,” which is just the modern version o’ your cranky grandpa bitching ’bout the pinkos everywhere in this neighborhood–¡Things were better in good ol’ ’02, dang nab it!

Mo’ strange was this comment:

Aye. I think someone made a list of the usernames Quinn, Nyberg, Spacedad, AMIB and others used on SA. Should be interesting doing a search and archiving what you find.

Nothing’s mo’ interesting than random usernames. I know I always spend my weekends surfing through WordPress to see all the zany usernames people picked.

It’s par for the course when you try to investigate the SJWs on SA.

That’s vaguely creepy.

Yes, it’s important that we investigate the infamous “Spacedad”–the Che Guevara o’ our time.

O, shit, this is some GG shit. Ne’er mind. Jesus, ¿How’d you break my already-low expectations? I thought this was just some crazies coming out o’ the woodwork seeing an opportunity to come out & fuck round for shits & grins; not some superserious spy fantasy wherein James Bond stops the infamous Spacedad from shooting the earth down from his moon base with anthologies o’ Anne Sexton poetry.

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Game & Watch Gallery 4

Or as it’s called in Europe, Game & Watch Gallery Advance.

Before 4 e’en came out I enjoyed the 1st 3 for the Game Boy & Game Boy Color, & have fond memories o’ playing 3 while sick with the flu when very young.

I’ll admit I ne’er liked the classic versions o’ the games. It’s not just the fact that the music is just constant beeps & the graphics were pure black & white: the classic versions were so sparse to the point o’ making gameplay worse. Slow & jerky animation does not fit fast-paced action games well. Here it oft led to uncertainty o’er whether or not an action would be disastrous. “Helmet”’s a perfect example: when the raining junk falls in showers, one has no choice but to slip past some junk when its @ the bottom, which is risky, since due to the animation delay, one has no way to tell when that piece o’ junk will fall the next step & clock your character or won’t. Also, the shadows that signified other frames not used could be quite distracting & could be hard to tell from the filled-in frames. The modern versions also add li’l breaks & gameplay changes, such as bonuses one can get for playing well, that help break up the monotony o’ trying to get 1000 points in 1 playthrough. Said bonuses also make the points come mo’ quickly, which makes things less tedious as well.

That said, aesthetics are something worth mentioning. The graphics aren’t exactly stellar—though I found 4’s graphics to be rather colorful—but the music is quite catchy & underrated. I’d recommend trying some o’ them—’specially “Mario Bros.”, “Donkey Kong”, & “Rain Shower.”

Then ‘gain, admittedly, the modern versions oft strayed from the subject in which the game was named. “Mario’s Cement Factory” actually becomes a cookie factory; in “Fire Attack” you’re not being attacked by fire thrown by stereotypical depictions o’ Native Americans but by Bob-Ombs & Bullet Bills; & rain’s not the problem in “Rain Shower,” but paint balls being tossed by Bowser, who just loves to fuck round with everyone else for no reason, kingly responsibilities be damned. On the flip, though, I usually found these changes funner. ¿Who wouldn’t rather bake cookies that fill cement? ¿Who wouldn’t rather have colorful paint—with the different colors acting as helpful determiners for where they’re being thrown, too—o’er plain rain?

Game & Watch Gallery 4 rehashed a lot o’ modern games from the 1st 3—the most memorable, like “Fire,” “Mario Bros.,” “Chef,” “Donkey Kong,” & “Donkey Kong Jr.” The graphics & music were mostly the same—just higher quality. That said, 4 a’least rehashed the best, while leaving ‘hind most o’ the less memorable. It also had ’bout twice as many modern games, & probably mo’ than double the classic games, since it has an unlockable museum full o’ e’en mo’ classic games. Its new recreations are also better than 2 & 3’s, with “Rain Shower,” “Mario’s Cement Factory,” & “Boxing” being particular favorites. I’d like to think o’ 4 as the greatest hits o’ the series—which is fitting, since ’twas the last (no, I don’t count those sad ‘scuses, Game & Watch Collection 1 & 2 for the DS).

The Games


This is the 1st I e’er played when truly young, on the 1st Game & Watch Gallery, & is the 1st I think o’ when I think o’ Game & Watch games.

Move Mario & Luigi holding the safety net left & right with the control pad or A & B to keep the infinite crowd o’ Toads, Yoshis, & DK Jrs. falling out o’ the burning castle from smashing into the ground, bouncing them ‘long the way to the carriage, which apparently has an unlimited capacity. Toads are the lightest, & thus spend the most time up in the air ‘tween landings; DK Jrs. are the heaviest, & thus fall back down mo’ frequently.

Despite the simplicity o’ this game, I think it may be 1 o’ the hardest: there are just so many that bounce round, forcing you to go back & forth to ensure you’re there when each character’s heading for the ground. It can also be hard to eyeball which o’ the many simultaneously-falling characters will hit the ground 1st; many times I move to save 1 character only for 1 character to hit the ground before. & sometimes characters will hit the ground @ the same time, forcing you to shift from 1 spot to ‘nother in 1 instant. Requires lightning reflexes.


This 1, on the other hand, is stupidly easy to get 1000 points thanks to the AI’s sluggish movement. Just aim Luigi’s fists with the control pad & press A to punch your enemy’s face or stomach, aiming round their blocking fists while positioning one’s own fists to block one’s enemy’s attacks.

1st one fights Wiggler, then Big Boo, then Waluigi, & then it cycles back round. Beat 5 cycles to get all 5 stars—remarkably short compared to the 1000 points required in all the other games. I guess the fact that 1 loss causes automatic game o’er makes it a li’l harder—but consider how much harder it is to die in this game than every other, this is still unquestionably the easiest in the game.

Boxing’s hard mode is replaced by a 2-player mode, which means that if you’re playing the Virtual Console version or don’t have the means to play this 2-player, you’re screwed out o’ those 5 stars. However, if you can play 2-player, getting those 5 stars is easier than anything else in this game: just play 5 rounds. You don’t e’en have to win.

This is a new modern version, though the classic version appears in the 1st Game & Watch Gallery as an unlockable.

Rain Shower

Move the characters sitting on swings to avoid getting them splashed by the paint balls Bowser flings round. Colors indicate the position each ball will fall: green is nearest to the center, purple 2nd, black 3rd, & then blue 4th. As the game goes on, mo’ characters join swings to make things harder.

Like with many o’ these games, the main challenge comes from keeping track o’ so many things @ once while things are going quickly: you can only move lines on which characters are sitting left & right, & 2 lines stack ‘bove each other, as well as there being 2 sides for a sum o’ 4. One has to time shifting lines so that paint balls fall in holes ‘tween characters on both sides, which can be hard to keep track o’ & time when Bowser flings paint o’ varying positions all o’er, forcing one to jump all round. Not as hard as “Fire,” but close.

After every 100 points, the season changes & Mario can hit a switch to turn all paint balls being thrown into coins for quite a lot o’ points—as well as a breather.

‘Nother new modern version, though its classic version appears as an unlockable in 2.

Mario’s Cement Factory

Move Mario ‘long rising & falling elevators to reach switches to move batter ‘long 2 sets o’ pumps down to Toad or Yoshi without falling off an elevator (or letting it bump Mario’s head on the ceiling) or letting any pump fill up with mo’ than 3 batter piles. Complicating things are the boos that sneak into pumps out o’ nowhere, taking up batter space.

Despite all that, this 1 isn’t that hard, e’en with the limited mobility caused by the uncontrollable elevators. E’en @ its hardest, things move rather slowly, usually giving you plenty o’ time to react. Actually, the most problems probably come from trying to rush too much & o’ershooting elevators rather than from letting pumps get too full.

‘Nother new modern version, though the classic version appears in the 1st Game & Watch Gallery as an unlockable.

Donkey Kong Jr.

If you’re familiar with Donkey Kong Jr. for the arcade or NES, this is somewhat similar: move up each area & reach DK’s cage 4 times to free him & move on to the next level, while dodging (or landing on) the Goombas, Koopas, & Bullet Bills. Like in the original, you’ll sometimes have to move ‘long vines, which work similar to how they did in the original.

There are 3 levels: cave & grassland, sunset cliff full o’ vines, & starry cloud area. It then cycles from there.

This modern version 1st appeared in 3.

Donkey Kong 3

As Mario you must shoot bubbles in 3 rows to push the fireballs & boos toward DK while he does the same. In the meantime, you also have to take the time to keep your water pump full o’ water to have ammo. To win a round, have DK get hit by a fireball or boo, & gain a bunch o’ points; however, if you get hit, you lose a round. Lose 3 rounds & game o’er. The fireballs usually stay in place, while the boos will slowly float toward the player they’re nearest & sometimes block bubbles.

For some reason I remember this game being hard to do well in; but ‘pon recently trying it I found I was able to climb up into the 1500s without e’en trying. I think the trick is to just spurt bubbles as much as possible to get as much general pushback as possible & not to think too hard ’bout things & possibly miss falling ammo or chances to shoot. Though it seems that strategy is queen here, it’s actually mo’ reflexes. For instance, I found that grabbing every water drop & shooting straight in the middle every instant I can wins ’bout 4/5 times.

“Donkey Kong 3”’s B mode is & has always been 1 o’ the easiest in which to get 5 stars… if you have 2-player capability (sorry Virtual Console users).

Not only is this a new modern version, the classic version hadn’t e’en appeared in the series till 4.

Unlockable Games

You start with the 1st 5 games available, but have to unlock the other 5 by collecting stars.


As Peach, catch the sunny-side eggs, fish, steak, lobster, & peppers that Mario & Luigi lazily just fling ‘hind them on her frying pan to heat them &, when they’re golden brown, let it fall where Yoshi’s standing so he eats it to get points. You get mo’ points if it’s golden brown, less points if you don’t cook it ‘nough or if it’s cooked so much that it’s burnt. Letting food hit the floor makes you lose a life.

Every 200 points the background switches back & forth from the initial kitchen to the courtyard.

Unlocked by getting 5 stars from any games.

This modern version 1st appeared in 2.

Mario Bros.

Move Mario up & down with the control pad & Luigi up & down with A & B to catch the cakes as they go up—or down if Bowser, the worst supervisor in the world, flips the switch just to be a dick—the conveyor belt. If they reach the truck Wario’s driving, you get a lot o’ points, while if they fall off, you lose a life.

I’d put this @ medium-level difficulty. I’ve gotten 5 stars in this on easy before, & mo’ than half in hard, but it’s not always guaranteed for me, like with “Mario’s Cement Factory,” & is much easier than “Fire” or “Donkey Kong 3.”

Unlocked by getting 20 stars from any games.

This modern version 1st appeared in 3.

Donkey Kong

Like “Donkey Kong Jr.,” this is similar to the original arcade game, but simplified: reach the top to save Peach without getting hit by barrels or other enemies.

A safer, but mo’ tedious, way to get points in this game is simply to wait @ the start & keep jumping o’er the barrels, since unlike the classic version or the original arcade game, there’s no fire-spurting oil can @ the start.

Unlocked by getting 35 stars from any games.

The modern version o’ this 1st appeared in 2.


Move down the rope & ‘long the ground toward the treasure chest to grab money while dodging the octopus’s tentacles. The mo’ money you grab, the mo’ points you get ‘pon returning to the boat @ the top, where greedy but lazy Peach awaits; however, the mo’ money you have, the mo’ your movements are slowed.

Don’t wait too long in the safe boat, by the way: Peach is an asshole & pushes you out if you wait too long—e’en if a tentacle is right @ the start o’ the rope.

A rather difficult game, ‘specially if one’s impatient. What’s worse, there’s a luck factor to the octopus’s tentacle movement. I’m quite certain it’s possible to get boxed in right next to the chest with no way to ‘scape being grabbed.

Unlocked by getting 50 stars from any games.

This modern version 1st appeared in 1.

Fire Attack

As Wario, guard the 4 corners o’ your house from Bob-Ombs & Bullet Bills while eating tomatoes for extra points. 1 o’ the easiest, which makes me wonder why it’s the last to be unlocked.

Unlocked by getting 65 stars from any games.

New modern version; but the classic version appeared in 1.

As you collect stars, you also unlock a museum & games in that. 1st you can only unlock games to look @; but later you unlock the ability to play the classic version. ‘Course, they’re not as fun as any o’ the modern games; but the last 1 you unlock, The Legend of Zelda, does have to be the best ‘mong all the classic Game & Watch games. If only they made a modern version o’ it… Maybe if Haley’s comet hits a lottery winner & Nintendo gets round to making Game & Watch Gallery 5—&, ‘gain, not that waste o’ cartridge space that is those Game & Watch Collection games.

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I Think the #1 Sign that You’re “Socially Retarded” Is that You Don’t Know What “Socially Retarded” Is

Ugh. Mo’ #’d lists. But this 1’s hilarious–‘cept for those god-awfully trite zany images–in that it completely lacks self-awareness.

Let’s hurry past the glaring but trite acknowledgement that this site’s name, “Rebel Circus,” is trying to hard to be random humor & lacks the self-awareness to use the word “rebel” to describe 1 o’ the million manufactured Buzzfeed wannabes pumped full o’ tacky ads ’bout weight loss. But let’s do please laugh @ the hubris in the line in the typical spam invite @ the bottom offering to send you “the stories everyone is talking about” (e’en though you can clearly get them without signing up)–& Not just ’cause this phrase is cliche to the point o’ meaning nothing to most people.

Anyway, let’s see this writer show us what they think is “socially retarded”:

1. You always hold the door open for people when there’s an awkward distance between you and them.

As opposed to meticulously measuring the distance ‘tween you & the other person to ensure that it precisely fits some imagined interval o’ proper distance–what all the normal people do, ‘course.

Nothing’s funnier than stick figures copied straight from The Oatmeal making exaggerated facial expressions that just make them look like they’re having aneurysms. That ne’er gets ol’–¡nope!

2. You hum along to elevator music that doesn’t exist when you’re in an elevator with a stranger.

It exists now, motherfucker, ¡I’m making it!

That’s not “socially retarded”; that’s just annoying, & something quite a lot o’ people do (e’en though it’s annoying). That’s like calling littering “socially retarded.”

3. You never know if you should handshake or fist pound, and you usually switch it up right in the middle. Thus, ruining everything.

Nobody does this. No one this socially incapacitated would e’en think to fist bump, so I think there’s clearly some research failures going on in this scientific treatise.

That said, I do sincerely like the high drama o’ the line, “Thus, ruining everything.” It’s the comma that makes it special–like a line out o’ the Bible.

4. You will think about something in your mind for a few minutes, then randomly burst out with your final thought. “That’s why I can’t stand TiVo!”

That’s also something nobody does, & is also something mo’ annoying than truly debilitating. I can’t see how this impairs someone so much that they truly have trouble surviving in the social world.

I love how the animated GIF that looks like it was made with the same technology from which Donkey Kong Country got its graphics (& wisely traded those silly extra colors that actual reality uses so they can show the character’s mouth move up & down a li’l–¡which is o’ utmost importance!) initially had its vitally important text covered by an ad–’cause there weren’t ‘nough o’ those. Honestly, considering how bad this content is, I don’t know why the whole site isn’t just ads. I can’t see how’d be any less entertaining, & it couldn’t hurt ad revenue, ‘least, & might e’en improve it. I’ve intentionally watched ads before. & honestly, that ad showing a picture that looks like it came from some Victorian softcore porn trying to entice me into reading info ’bout old-fashioned hygiene tactics that are “gross” interests me mo’, simply from bile fascination.

5. When you order food, you’re too embarrassed to ask them to repeat your order, and you just eat whatever you get.

Eh, fair ‘nough.

6. When you see someone you don’t know from far away, you practice your greeting about 14 times before you two meet. Only to say “hey what’s up!”

That must get mentally exhausting in crowded cities. OK, I can see this significantly hindering one’s ability to function in society.

‘Course, I’m skeptical o’ a socially debilitated person not, you know, just not interacting with someone they don’t know as much as possible–almost to the point that I think the writer just made this shit up in their head without e’en considering how it might actual work in reality… But nitpicks.

What’s much mo’ socially problematic is this SNES-quality animated GIF showing this bug-eyed woman glancing back & forth @ this mohawked guy giving somebody offscreen a blowjob. ¡Give some people privacy, Madame!

7. You trip over things, and begin to examine the culprit as if it was done on purpose.

I’m not e’en sure what that’s s’posed to mean. ¿You mean these people trip on a bottle o’ booze left on the curb & then stop & waggle their finger @ it, saying, “Naughty, naught, beer bottle.” That’s not socially inept–that’s just plain inept. I wouldn’t trust that person ‘lone with a can opener, much less in public.

It’s good to see that their best example was Rafari from The Lion King, in what was clearly a deleted scene from an earlier version wherein Simba’s the one who dies. Whether this would become a comedy o’ the problems Rafari’s social ineptness causes or a tragedy o’ the struggles o’ social ineptness, we’ll ne’er know.

8. Either that, or you laugh before anyone else does.

I actually took a break while this 1 loaded, so when I 1st read it I was confused. It seemed mo’ like the writer was the nutjob.

The irony is that most people who actually have social awareness know that the majority don’t give that many shits ’bout what other people do, whether they laugh a few seconds before others or anything else, ’cause we’re all narcissists who think mostly ’bout how we’re doing. It is, ironically, the people who focus so much on whether they laughed too early or too late that are probably the less socially adjusted.

I mean, ¿why talk ’bout that when you could talk ’bout this crazy fucker who just gets enraged by long brown hair taking up half his camera space?

¿Whence come these fucked up images, anyway? I’m mo’ interested in trying to imagine the process by which these videos were taken than these trite lines pooped out in seconds. ¿Was there a director somewhere offscreen telling this guy, “OK, now I need you to imagine your bowels suddenly imploded on themselves.”? ¿Or was there some convoluted logic that ‘scapes me that led this man to believe that expression he made emoted any kind o’ useful body language @ all?

9. Your Facebook statuses are literally never funny to anybody but you.

We can clearly see that this writer has a low bar for “socially inept to the extent o’ having serious trouble surviving in the social world.” That’s like calling the average person bad @ math regular ol’ “retarded.”

¿& why after all those crazy pictures before do we have this average person with a normal, if albeit plastic, smile with no text? ¿What’s socially inept ’bout this?

10. When you make eye contact with someone, and they catch you, you pretend like they’re eye sight is bad and they actually saw nothing.

I don’t know much ’bout social ineptitude, but I can say that 1 sign o’ regular ol’ ineptitude is writing shit that’s so grammatically bunch-fucked that it’s not e’en sensical. I think you’ve actually gone beyond “socially retarded” when you start pretending that other people are bad eyesights; those motherfuckers are just headlight-headed crazy.


No… ¿What’s wrong with just 10? If it’s good ‘nough for Letterman, it’s good ‘nough for you uppedy bastards.

I think you’ve made your point quite well, brain-damaged Jerry Seinfeld: if you do anything slightly off… Well, let’s list it somewhere, ’cause we have filler to fill–¡Fill! ¡Fill! ¡Fill!

¿How do I keep stumbling on all this useless shit?

O, yeah: Google. Fuck you, Google. Maybe you should retire that whole web search thing you’re not very good @ anymo’ & focus mo’ on self-driving cars or other zany shit that I can’t e’en find by searching ’cause Google’s search sucks so much that it gives me websites that take fore’er to load & fill my browser with tacky pop-ups & chopped up into a million pages that take fore’er to load &, O god, just stop sucking websites, please.

I’m not e’en going to bother revising this article. If none o’ you idiots–I blame all o’ you, everyone collectively, like a good communist–can be bothered to make your websites halfway readable without the need for headache medicine, I don’t need to bother ensuring I didn’t make a typo on any o’ the HTML code for those zany upside down ?s or !s I used. You’re just going to have to figure out what “&iquestl” means.


Sorry, 1 last tangent to the list o’ many: check out Reddit’s patented triteness that somehow still stays amusing (I ought to do a bunch o’ articles on Reddit–it’d be much mo’ interesting than these filler farms). Summary: somebody narcissistically tells the whole world he thinks he’s socially inept for slight problems–which is, to be fair, quite socially inept in itself, since most people don’t go round advertising their personal problems to the public. The 1st reply diagnoses him with autism, ’cause that’s just what everyone has, I guess. No self-awareness from any.

I ‘specially loved this line from someone else:

Being socially retarded is understandable, these creatures behavior is quite the conundrum.

Beware o’ creatures behavior, everyone.

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