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The Legend of Pokéme – Pokémon Leaf Green & Fire Red Adventures #2

This is the comic that most resembles the world I was trying to convey.

— 100% real quote by Pokémon creator, Satoshi Tajiri.

¿You remember all the inconsistent characterization?

Pictured: Pikachu, who is later established to be a player, shown here to be a nervous nerd who, in Soviet Russia, has lockers stuffed into him.

Bonus: that scamp Squirtle shown to be a blatant sexist.

Leafaro doesn’t become spontaneously infatuated with this character purely due to appearance till later.

& you can’t forget all those smooth panel transitions…

Pikachu ventures off to find Jigglypuff after staring @ where she is for a whole minute.

Spoiler: ’twas Firara. Pikachu apparently had to sleuth this out, e’en though he clearly saw the event happen in front o’ him.

& then there are those setups that don’t make any sense…

There are these things called “clothes stores”, Leafaro.

¿& how could we live without that wonderful filler?

After all these panels with Leafaro’s tiny arms flapping loosely in the wind, I’m convinced that he has some horrible physical disease & that he can’t actually use them.

¿Remember, um… Pikachu & Leafaro being perverts?

¿Why bother? Just go jerk off to that comic where her shirt rips open, revealing she has Pokéballs for boobs.

We have, um… truly fucked up violence — so fucked-up that e’en Pikachu is appalled — happening to Firara for no reason @ all.

Also pictured: Firara apparently developed the same “spontaneously lose hair for some panels” ability that Leafaro has ’tween issues 1 & 2.

We have hilarious satire, like hilarious tips for beating the gym leaders in the 1st-gen Pokémon games, such as “Next, surge. Use Geodude. Or lick a donkey”. The best joke is that I couldn’t count & forgot either Koga or Sabrina.

& then we have that amazing artwork:

& then we have a comic wherein Leafaro gets addicted to gambling, causing Pikachu to get chased by a mobster Ditto & his rectangular bullets, & leading Pikachu to check himself into a mental asylum, which also has amazing artwork.

Leafaro heartily approves:

Considering he’s turned ’way from the TV & the TV is clearly facing the camera, not him, Leafaro’s not watching anything on it & is simply having ’nother nervous breakdown.

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