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Best Quiz on the Internet

While looking up webliterature I bychance found an Animal Farm quiz & for some reason tried it real quick. I’m glad I did.

For instance, we start with this excellent math wherein a perfect 7 out o’ 7 transforms into a mere 88%:

Quiz Results. Your Score: 7 of 7 (88%). Average Score for this quiz: 5.73 of 8 (72%).

I wondered how one could make such a simple math mistake on a computer program till I noticed the average score & saw “of 8”, which indicates that this quiz probably used to have 8 answers & the developer forgot to change the max used for the % calculation for “Your Score” ( which means the code for calculating that is different from what is used for the average score calculation & that the max # is manually put in everywhere, which is to say, bad programming ).

& then we have totally correct answers, like that Snowball represents Vladimir Lenin.

Your answer was correct. Who does Snowball represent? Your answer was: Vladimir Lenin. The correct answer is: Vladimir Lenin.

¿Does everyone remember when Stalin chased Lenin out o’ Russia? I can only imagine that Stalin’s attempts to erase Trotsky from history just worked so well that the geniuses who made this quiz forgot he existed.

& then we have the best answers to any multiple-choice question:

Question #6: Who does Old Major represent? 1. The writings of Karl Marx. 2. The mind of Carl Marxx.

You know a quiz is good when 1 o’ its questions has 2 choices for answers: guy & same guy with misspelled name.

I also love how the use o’ the word “who” implies that Karl Marx’s writings & his evil twin ( ¿or is he the good twin? ) “Carl Marxx”’s mind are independent living organisms. I think I saw that in a Red-Scare-era flick, ¡Attack o’ the Living Brain o’ Carl Marxx!. It’s completely true, though: I always have to remember to keep my copy o’ Das Kapital fed & watered every day.

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