The Mezunian

Die Positivität ist das Opium des Volkes, aber der Spott ist das Opium der Verrückten

The Free Will Paradox

Free will makes authoritarianism inevitable.

This is due to 2 irrefutable facts o’ reality:

  • There is only 1 reality for mo’ than 1 people,1 which must remain consistent with the multitude’s inconsistent goals.
  • One’s actions can affect others.

If multiple people have different goals for how 1 piece o’ reality should be shaped, only 1 o’ those goals can logically be completed—whether 1 completely usurps the others or there is a compromise o’ goals. This will inevitably lead to irreconcilable conflicts—’specially with the huge # o’ people in this 1 world we live in.

Inevitably, some o’ those people’s free wills will entice them to use force to complete their goals; the only way to stifle this force is a different use o’ force. Therefore, no matter which forces are enacted & which win, some force is bound to be used & win.

There has ne’er been a power structure that has kept its power without using force, nor has the world e’er allowed everyone to do whatever she wants.

Note that there are, ’course, different ways to measure authoritarianism, however. For instance, both democracy & totalitarianism are authoritarian; the former is simply mo’ balanced in for whom the use o’ force benefits.

Economics follows the same logic. Though all economic systems are authoritarian—private property is just as much forced onto society through government force as public—there are different ways to measure economic systems, such as for whom they benefit, or how efficient they are. It’s wrong to say that US-style economics is superior to Soviet-style due to being “free”; but it is logical to say that it is due to benefiting a better balance o’ people (due to its property control being slightly mo’ decentralized) & its greater efficiency from the slightly greater competition through said decentralization. This also explains why “social democracies” usually do better than both, as they—through wealth-spreading income redistribution—are e’en mo’ decentralized than the mo’ oligarchical laissez-faire economies.

1 E’en if the “Many Worlds Theory” is true, each world still has mo’ than 1 person, & thus the same conclusion applies to all worlds (so long as all o’ these worlds have humans with free will).

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