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Careerealism’s Close Encounter with Honesty

Ha, ha, ha. Look @ this letter they got from an anonymous writer:

Dear Experts,

I’m starting to think that all of you Career Experts are a bunch of liars. I’ve been out of work for 8 months. I’ve read tons of articles, tried all the advice given and I STILL am unemployed.

Is this all a bunch of rubbish you are feeding people to get them to buy your stuff?

Dear Anonymous Writer,


‘Course, our grammatically-challenged (¿would you advise your readers to write professional works in cellphone speak?) experts respond by accusing the writer o’ bitterness, evading her question with an ad hominem. What they don’t do is provide any evidence that their advice is effective.

So, to reiterate: yes, they are lying to get idiots to buy their garbage (or get hits to their ads), as many o’ these cheap, after-midnight paid programming equivalents do.

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