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¿Is the Web Hosting Industry Corrupt or What?

Man, why is everyone wasting their time talking ’bout some conspiracy ’bout some random woman fucking some random guy @ some magazine or website I’ve ne’er cared ’bout when there’s much mo’ potent (albeit, not exactly life-threatening) corruption in web hosting.

You e’er read web host reviews & notice the sheer # that offer coupons & admit to getting commissions from web hosts? This is funny to me, ’cause I always thought rule #1 o’ serious review sites was not to take payment from the people you’re reviewing.

It’s not that nobody’s talking ’bout it (there’s nothing that nobody’s talking ’bout). I found 3 easily–Research as a Hobby, Digital FAQ, & Review Hell–which talk all ’bout EIG & how corrupt they are, yadda yadda. But here’s the funny thing: they all take commissions from web hosts, too.

Research as a Hobby:

So if my hobby can bring me even a little extra income, that will be great and will motivate me to prepare and put the results of my analysis on this website (and it is really time-consuming although pleasant work).

That’s why some links on my website that are affiliate. It means that if you make a purchase following these links, there are chances that I will get some compensation. This compensation is paid by the company where the purchase is made.

Digital FAQ:

If one of our suggested hosts has an affiliate program, great, we join it, and the funds are used to support the costs of maintaining this site. If not, oh well, good is good, and they still get our suggestion.

Review Hell:

Review Hell may receive commissions from sales generated through this site.

Note that I understand that they don’t make as much money, still recommend hosts that don’t provide commissions, & thus aren’t as bad as the worst offenders. & they–‘specially Research as a Hobby & Digital FAQ–do still provide interesting info, such as Digital FAQ’s guide that explains o’erselling, & why it’s important, economically, for all hosts to do it. Still, it just kind o’ bums me out that I couldn’t find 1 review site that doesn’t accept commissions. I mean, yeah, Digital FAQ only made $5 from EuroVPS; but you could flip that round & ask, ¿was that $5 worth losing the ability to say in loud colors, “We accept no commissions; we are 100% independent”? Just a lament.

The Marxist/savvy businessman1 in me might say that this tendency toward corruption is a natural outcome o’ steeply rising competition as people scramble to keep themselves economically ‘bove the surface by any means possible… But I’m narcissistic, so I’ll just bitch ’bout how I’ll ne’er know a good way to find out whether I should go with BadassHost or FuckYeahHost without shelling $5-15 a’least once. ¿& who has that kind o’ money?

Obviously I ought to start offering glowing reviews for HostGator & Bluehost–for a fair commission, ‘course–& then add all those tacky ads offering weight loss tips & articles ’bout zany motor homes. Hey, I have to make a living somehow.


[1] The slim difference ‘tween Marxists & a savvy businessperson: a Marxist says, “The corrupt capitalists are fucking o’er the working class, ¡& we must stop them!” The wise businessperson says: “The corrupt capitalists are fucking o’er the working class, ¡& I gotta get in on that!”

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