The Mezunian

Die Positivität ist das Opium des Volkes, aber der Spott ist das Opium der Verrückten

I Tried to Take a Photo o’ the Cloudy Crescent-Moon Sky

A purple too minty to snatch,

so always it’s fading to black;

& all your strong crescent-shaped curves

are melted to coffee-desk burns.

& the firs disperse…

I tried every setting, but none

would work: neither higher exposure,

nor color enhancements. ¿So what

resource will for once offer closure?

“Photo-taking poser…”

& look, I did try to research…

but all I could find were e’en more

those idiot numbered lists churned

by hit-grabbing narcissist whores.

Straying from the core…

Inside I found mo’ settings &

then went outside to try again,

but found the crescent moon had left.

¿& don’t that just fuck me in th’ass

to death?


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Posted in Metered, Poetry