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Let’s Code a Crappy 2D Platformer Like Millions o’ Other People on the Internet & Lose Interest & Give Up Only a Few Months In, Part XI

& now there’s a video for “Golden Gear Solid”:

I’ve starkly changed the graphics. For the longest time I couldn’t decide what kind o’ theme I wanted this level to have. @ 1 point I came up with this background made up o’ a bunch o’ Tetris-shaped blocks, but then I came up with the idea o’ making it shadowy black, since people oft associate that with stealth. & since the eyeball guards didn’t really work as silhouettes, I changed them to weird abstract bots, since I thought they seemed mo’ mysterious, ‘specially as silhouettes.

Note that I had to add extra blocks for the diamond & message block, since the originals didn’t work well with this level’s palette.

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