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Let’s Code a Crappy 2D Platformer Like Millions o’ Other People on the Internet & Lose Interest & Give Up Only a Few Months In, Part XIV

Warm Up:

I probably thought o’ the basic concept ’hind this level—survive a certain ’mount o’ time—before I e’en started this particular version o’ the project; but this particular implementation was made just this day. Other ideas I had were staying on ladders & avoiding Bullet-Bill equivalents; but this one looks much better, & is probably less clunky. Though it may sound rather shallow, aesthetics do make mo’ importance than some people give credit, & I feel the fiery theme o’ this level makes it a li’l less lame than just a “keep from dying for 30 seconds” level. Plus, I like having stories ’hind levels—in this case, somehow Autumn has ended up in a furnace & is being baked ’live.

Mo’ surprising, though I had so much trouble in practicing this level that I doubted I’d be able to record a winning run, I was able to do this well on my 1st try. I only missed 1 gem. Though these beams have quite a bit o’ leeway,—their hitboxes are a few pixels smaller than their graphics, & they only hurt you when they’re all the way on—it’s still quite easy to accidentally bump into 1 by a pixel or so when o’er-correcting movement on the conveyor belt. Worse, it can be easy to bump your head when jumping to the right side & fall to your death. I considered leaving mo’ space, but decided I liked the challenge. It’s not as if you need to jump o’er the hole, anyway, ’less you want to get a high gem score. E’en getting the diamond is pitifully easy when one considers that the game saves the diamond e’en if one dies. It’s truly only my anal-retentive obsession with having a good-looking video that made this level hard for me.

I’m still working on 2 cloud levels & have ideas for 2 other factory levels. Hopefully it won’t take too long to have something presentable from them. I also still have “Sawdust Crush” & “Hot Shop” to finish up so I can show those off.

Source code

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