The Mezunian

Die Positivität ist das Opium des Volkes, aber der Spott ist das Opium der Verrückten

i don’t want the night to end <ノノピエルダスラオポルツニダデラニョマニャナテポネスツインソレ>

al suono della fine della giornata

ipnotizzato l’ondeggiamento assemblato

candele nere bruciano tutte le menti allineate

corna d’ariete ipnotizzanti pentagramma paralizzante

e il suono inquietante dell’orologio dell’ostensorio

che canta…

— ill fantasma

¡morn! ¡mourn!

¡this october’s been filled up

all too much with sunny morns!

¿where’s the fog that i was promised?

e’en the amazon ebay

always running their safeway

offer refunds when I don’t

get my pumpkin pie

& the pumpkin cheesecake

is almost ate

sitcom mom promised we’d go

to carnival capitalism zone

& trick || treat this month

but the only carnival

i’ve been obsessed with

is that bramble pit o’ monkeybusiness

& that long list o’ bugs kept buggin’ out

& these q-tips won’t let me listen as loud

like those songs back in 2006 back in 2015

october’s much too thin

to fill with so much lovecraft

outtaspace for all these colors

such is the fall o’ nietzsche’s proles

o won’t you please corrupt me deep

if you feed it too manyeaves

this hallowede’en temple will burst

that man in yoshi’s island’s ad

twisted like a mysterysolving

greatdane’s freezeframed face

rolling racing lipsyncing grayscale clown

in bettyboop hell god’s comedy

peewee teaching me to smoke allyall’s cowardscrack

but a hush runs when alice got her gun

& crayon kid didn’t mean to make her sister

that scribble o’ blood drunk up

like my octopus wine… i don’t drink

¿then why’d bel’ kill the whole ship crew?

a terrible night to england in brit&

now that god killed the queen ¿now where’s

my anarchism gone gnome chainchompsky?

speaking frankensteinly

i don’t want the night to end

outside it’s quiet but in my mind

neon lights flash thru my life

but not this time

there is no time

there’s not ’nough rootbeer

to clear my fears it’s flat out out

& the bulbasaur glass is locked up

for its own protection from

the swamp grown in my dishwasher

now that the snowman glass has melted

as has 120,000₧ in damages

cast by that lord o’ slum but i

just rolled with it & rolled snakeyes

¡flies away from my mushroom sandwich!

i don’t want the night to end

were it steadfast as deneb

but e’en stars must supernova

e’en the moon she’s slowly drifting

& fools say

<¿how can heatdeath come

when it’s so cold? ¿huh?>

the sandbox must be dumped again

that bucket’s pettyfly offspring

it won’t o’erflow but fills

nostrils with its nitrous ills

killing pregnant babies

i looked it up

shower & shave & sleep & wake

it’s late

but i don’t want the night to end

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