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I Read American News for 10 Years — My full immersion in The Atlantic’s propaganda

¿What the fuck is this dumb ass bullshit?

On New Year’s Eve of 2014, I became the subject of a terrifying experiment.

By the end of my stay, I had turned from a happy-go-lucky novelist into a squeaking gerbil of a man, psychologically compromised and barely sure of what constituted reality.

This “terrifying experiment” this melodramatic writer experienced was watching laughably inane state propaganda. The hairs haven’t stood up on my flesh this much since when H. P. Lovecraft described the unspeakable horrors o’ having to stand next to a black person on a New York bus. If they wanted to engage in a truly terrifying experiment they could subject themselves to the kind o’ real torture Russia — & the US — inflicts gainst people who were very naughty rather than the kind o’ shit the average unemployed person watched in the afternoon while bored & on drugs.

On the one hand, the length of my sentence has been commuted to five days from seven; on the other hand, since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the state’s propaganda has become even more loud, brash, and genocidal, making any length of exposure to it psychologically problematic.

Clearly the worst tragedy o’ this invasion aren’t the many, many Ukranian lives lost but this o’erpaid writer’s emotional hardships having to endure this prison sentence that they inflicted on themself o’ sitting on their useless ass & watching TV all day.

Day 1

I arrive at the Public Hotel on the Lower East Side on a cold day this past April. My room has nice views of most of the downtown-Manhattan skyline, which lights up in flashes of pink and purple as the sun begins to set over New Jersey —

O, ¡fuck off! I fucking hate these shitty writers stroking their own hard-on pretending like they’re fucking Tom Wolfe. Nobody fucking cares what the weather was on a day you decided to sit on your fucking ass watching TV you assclown. “My orange Cheetos glowed under the dim light o’ my apartment. Now that my TV was muted during a commercial the only sound that could be heard was the skrit-skrit o’ me scratching my hairy balls”.

The first thing you notice when you switch on Russian TV is its totemic fascination with the swastika, which regularly appears on one of my screens. Sometimes it is taken from footage of the Nazi era, sometimes from purported videos of the Ukrainian far right. Sometimes it is on the news, sometimes in a documentary, sometimes in a TV drama. By my third or fourth swastika of the day, I start to believe that when the symbol is shown this often, it is not done so entirely with disparagement, but with a subconscious appeal to authoritarian power and to the state’s own fascism.

While I don’t disagree that contemporary Russian culture has an affinity for authoritarianism, this thesis o’ his is self-contradictory & absurd. ¿Why would Russia heavily associate the Ukrainian far right, the problem they use as a ’scuse for their invasion, & thus something they want to appear e’en mo’ gainst than Ukraine’s government, with their own culture? Furthermo’, as we will see, Russian propaganda apparently also loves to cater back to WWII & Russia’s fight against the Nazis. ¿Wouldn’t it be the ultimate treason to praise the very organization that tried to obliterate Russia, which literally put Russians in the holocaust? ¿Why not pick a mo’ fitting authoritarian leader, like, you know, Stalin, an actual Russian leader? I don’t want to doubt this writer’s amazing arm-chair theorizing that isn’t totally pulled out o’ his ass, ¿but wouldn’t it make mo’ sense that Russian propaganda is just using the Nazis as an effective Godwin’s rule tying the west in general to the Nazis & to try inducing constant fear gainst the west in their populace that if they don’t support the Ukrainian invasion the west will invade & mass murder them like the Nazis did in the 40s? After all, it’s not just Russian media obsessed with the Nazis: American media, like the History Channel, is notorious for their obsession with Hitler & the Nazis. ( Granted, given that this US election has a candidate who outright admits he’ll become a dictator “[only] for day 1” & is still ’bout half & half in popularity with his opponent, we can’t rule out the US having an affinity for authoritarianism, or Hitler, for that matter, given that candidate’s dogwhistling references to Hitler & the Nazis ).

A lot of time on all three networks is given over to flashy “newsroom” sets populated by older men in blazers who scream about the West. Kto Protiv (“Who Is Against”), on Rossiya 1, is one such program. The subject matter is often akin to what one sees on far-right television in the U.S., the exemplar of which is Fox News.

Fox News has always been known to scream ’bout “the West”.

But Russian state television is several degrees to the right of Fox, or even of its more lunatic competitor, Newsmax, although Tucker Carlson, the onetime king of televised white supremacy, is frequently shown on Russian TV as well—or, at least, he was back in April.

& here this hack writer stumbles o’er himself in contradictions, presumably so as not to offend his American audience. If Russian state television is “several degrees” to the right o’ Fox, ¿why does it regularly have on a former regular Fox white supremacist, — acknowledging that US media regularly has on white supremacists, ¿how can any media be several degrees to the right o’ that? — who is apparently moderate compared to worse US media? It sounds like Russian state television is @ just the level o’ lunatic fascist propaganda as US media — which I would agree is too much.

A panelist mispronounces the term LGBTQ+ to general laughter. (“Is it plus or minus?” another panelist asks.) Afterward, an “economic expert” tells the audience that transgender bodies have begun to fall apart. No evidence is cited for any of this; it’s merely people talking or, as some like to say, “asking questions.”

So it’s just a mo’ surreal The New York Times, then.

Meanwhile, on Channel 1, a black-and-white documentary shows Khrushchev greeting a group of cosmonauts. The glories of the Soviet past on one screen are contrasted with the realities of the present on another.

O’ all the bad propaganda Russian state media surely has defending their dumbass war, the typical nostalgia fuel is the least “terrifying” I could imagine. I know I always hide in pure terror @ the dystopian I live in whene’er I see histories ’bout George Washington. Clearly this is a devious plot by the US to make me like the US mo’. It’s almost as if e’ery country likes to pump up its past accomplishments. Hell, it’s better than Russia pretending they have present accomplishments.

You may ask why a government obsessed with propaganda would be showing programs about broken families. One reason is that audiences of all nations enjoy watching their fellow citizens in pain.

The show is presented by two dapper male hosts who are part of a well-trod Russian-TV theme: Provincials in distress are interviewed by stylish urban hosts, as if they are Chekhovian peasants being judged before the district court in czarist times. Subconsciously, shows like these teach poorer and older Russians (the kind of people who regularly watch state television) that they should be ashamed before their betters and that they cannot expect much from life or their immediate families.

This isn’t really any different from US daytime television, which is also aimed @ unemployed poor & is also infamous for propaganda denigrating toward poor people, especially Cops, literal state propaganda that shows cops as always competent & in the right & the criminals they go after always being incompetent, lazy, sloppy, ( usually ethnic ) & always poor. & if you were to ask my mother @ the time why she watched it, she would say the same thing: it’s comforting to see someone e’en worse off — e’en if clearly fake. Hardly the traumatizing torture that this article writer presents it as. If anything, what’s wrong with this is how boring it sounds compared to US shows like Maury or Jerry Springer, when he was still alive & it was still on.

The old woman crawls on the floor. “Forgive me! Forgive me!” she cries to her children. Now we have left the pages of Chekhov and arrived in Dostoyevsky Land.

This writer must’ve thought himself so clever & well-read for referencing 2 o’ the 3 most well-known Russian writers & not, like, any o’ the thousand other writers mo’ fitting — & my research indicates that this writer came from Russia, so either he barely read anything in his original language or he’s deliberately dumbing down this article for his audience. ¿& how would an ol’ woman crawling on the floor & crying, “Forgive me!”, be out o’ step for Chekhov — especially when you just described “Chekhovian peasants being judged before the district court in czarist times”.

The show about the dysfunctional family cuts to a commercial for a fast-food chain that has replaced McDonald’s after the sanctions for the Russian invasion of Ukraine were imposed.

Truly we see the unbearable hardships Russians now face for their imperialist crimes: ¡being deprived o’ that irresistible American cuisine!

The copycat McDonald’s is offering an unconvincing-looking “beeeeg speshal roast beef,” as an announcer describes it.

To be fair, if the roast beef looks unconvincing, then they did a pretty good job o’ emulating McDonalds.

On Rossiya 1, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is giving one of his usual bombastic speeches: “They want to cancel our country, as they like to say. They’re trying to cancel our country for pursuing its own politics. The West has long groomed Ukraine … Just like Germany invaded Russia.” The television shows another Nazi parade, a long sea of swastikas and chanting in German.

Again, they’re just Republicans on regular US media. Tho, I find it funny that this The Atlantic article has this, as it’s not as if they haven’t published incoherent rants ’bout “cancel culture”.

It’s only 9 p.m., but I am exhausted. I have drained two glasses of pisco sour and eaten my ceviche from the hotel’s restaurant, and am blindly watching a movie called Razplata (“Payback”), which seems to be about a drunken man who beats his wife. My vision is getting hazy and my eyes can barely see what’s happening on the three monitors, but I can sense that it is a triptych of a nation that has no idea what it is supposed to be.

What I love is that this article is far worse anti-US propaganda than Russia’s weak-ass attempt: nothing makes the Americans look like weak-ass crybabies like getting “exhausted” from sitting on your ass watching TV till 9 PM instead o’ working a real job. For any non-Americans out there reading this: we’re not all that lazy & useless; some o’ us have real, productive jobs & don’t just sit around watching shitty TV all day. Shit, as this blog shows, I read shitty news articles in my free time, & somehow I don’t get exhausted. Maybe this writer should eat better & work out mo’; it sounds like he has health problems.

Day 2

O my god, ¿we’re only @ day 2 out o’ 5? I take back what I said: I’m tired o’ this shitty article.

“Not my King!” The day’s news begins with anti-monarchist demonstrations in the U.K. “At least no one is throwing eggs at him like last time,” the NTV announcer intones as King Charles III is booed.

¡Hell yeah! I agree with this propaganda. ¿Who doesn’t hate filthy monarchs? Obviously only fascist Americans who have rejected e’en the watered-down liberalism on which the US was founded, that’s who. The only person I disagree with is the announcer: I wish they did throw eggs @ him.

Here the Royal Family is criticized for a variety of sins, such as colonialism in Africa and the 3 million pounds King Charles supposedly received from a Qatari sheikh.

Well, it’s cool to hear this white writer simp for colonizing Africa; ¿or is this writer like Kanye West & denies that the west colonized Africa? I dunno, I’m a far-leftist extremist, so I don’t support colonization & slavery, so maybe I’m not a reliable perspective, especially given the aforementioned large American audience hungry for white supremacists, but maybe it’s not a good idea to try attacking Russia by associating them with critics gainst African colonization. I’m sure this writer is implying that Russia is cynical in their criticism; but the west is surely a li’l cynical when they criticize Islamic fundamentalists & their treatment o’ women ( especially when they largely supported those Islamic fundamentalists gainst the Marxists who respected women’s rights better in Afghanistan earlier as part o’ their proxy cold war with the Soviet Union ), & yet it would still be right to call someone who snorts @ criticism, e’en by the west, o’ Islamic fundamentalist oppression as assholes.

Although Russian propaganda normally skews far right, its producers are able to pivot quickly from feigning horror at transgendered people to promoting a kind of Soviet-flavored anti-colonialism.

It’s almost as if Russian propaganda serves its own materialist interest rather than the US’s own made-up abstract ideology groupings. To be fair, I’m sure foreigners find the US supporting left-wing ideas like political democracy, but opposing economic democracy & supporting right-wing economics absurd.

Surely something will appeal to Misha from Murmansk or Vanya from Vladivostok, or any of the more than 100 million viewers who spend an average of almost four hours a day digesting this spicy gruel.

I would say that you could feel the seething disdain this writer has for these filthy foreigners with their weird names, but as stated, this writer came from the Soviet Union, so either he’s just cynically playing on the average American’s seething racism so he can be 1 o’ the “good ones” or is like that Dave Chappelle black KKK member.

After the booing of King Charles, the national weather forecast features temperatures in Donetsk and Melitopol in addition to Yalta, all cities stolen from Ukraine. I note that the city of Kherson, liberated by the Ukrainian army, does not make an appearance.

Clearly the worst thing Russia has done to Ukraine is refuse to tell them what the weather is in their cities. Ukrainians are now rethinking this war thing. “Let’s face it: ¡we are nothing without Russia’s irreplaceable weather-predicting technology!”.

But NTV is skewing younger with a show about women being stalked by ex-lovers. “He’s a professional boxer and he punched me several times,” a woman says of her former boyfriend. “He has a very aggressive nature.” A model is being blackmailed over sex videos by her ex. “Smartphones have made stalking easy,” the announcer intones. “He threatened to knock my teeth out,” another woman says, and we are treated to an array of horrifying bruises. The program notes that stalking of exes by spurned lovers is a problem in the U.S. and Germany as well.

If this article taught me anything — & that’s if this writer isn’t completely making e’erything up, which is possible — it’s that for all Russia’s talk o’ the weak, decadent west, Russia’s media is just as trashy as US media. That’s what happens when you let that capitalism into your country. Lenin wouldn’t have let this happen. ¿Where are Marx & Lenin when we need them, Counter Punch?

This may be true, but after watching Russian television for less than 24 hours, I am starting to see a through line here, which is the consistent presence of violence in Russian shows, usually committed against women and children. The verb meaning “to hit” comes up constantly, which makes sense in a country where men encounter horrific hazing in the military as well as a cruel and violent penal system. In 2017 the Duma even passed a law decriminalizing domestic abuse that does not result in the victim being treated in a hospital.

I would love to hear this writer’s theory on why US media — & media all o’er the world, in fact — is also full o’ violence, especially gainst women. It’s terrible, yes, but not terribly relevant to Russia’s invasion o’ Ukraine or their authoritarian politics. I can’t imagine thinking, { Well, yes, they are making an imperial conquest on Ukraine & have essentially a president for life; but a’least they don’t love to hit women }.

There’s an ad break for a male anti-impotence drug called “the Emperor’s Secret,” supposedly made in China out of various fungi. “The Emperor’s Secret can be mixed with alcohol,” the announcer helpfully advises the Russian male.

¿What is the point o’ this? This shit exists in the US. I’m sorry writer who has ne’er watched TV before & is apparently amazed by this 20th-century technology, but I’m not enthralled by this carnival you’re attempting to exhibit. All you’re telling me is that Russians are just as boring as Americans. ¿Is this meant to make me sympathize with Russians? ’Cause the idea that anti-impotence drug commercials will be the seed to the US’s own fall into fascism doesn’t make me feel better.

Next up, NTV introduces an American named John McIntyre who fought with the Ukrainians but then fled to Russia. He has been described as mentally unstable by fellow soldiers and commanders and was allegedly pushed out of the Ukrainian army for incompetence, but in Russia he is a prized asset, proudly wearing his Che Guevara baseball cap and T-shirt. The program intimates that it was a right-wing Ukrainian battalion that caused the well-known massacres in Bucha and Irpin, and not the Russian soldiers whose campaign of rape, execution, and terror was well documented.

I’m not sure why this writer assumes we’re all ableist assholes like him & think we’re going to naturally hate someone Ukrainians insult for illnesses that are not his fault or ’cause he wears T-shirts. I love how American media is so shitty that it makes me almost sympathize with the opposite side with which they want me to sympathize when I already sympathize with their side. It’s almost as if American culture is repugnant & has a twisted conception o’ what is “good”. We can’t emphasize Russia’s imperialism too much, as imperialism is too popular for Americans to make them hate Russians as we want them to, so let’s bring up neurodivergent people & Che-Guevara-shirt-wearing hipsters: those people Americans hate.

It’s especially ludicrous that they mix that nonsense with a short sentence o’ actual, serious whitewashing @ the end, in the same paragraph, e’en tho it has nothing to do with the sentence before. It’s almost as if this writer is an illiterate hack who doesn’t know how paragraphs work.

“Are there people like you in the States?” the interviewer asks McIntyre. “There are many pro-Russian Americans,” the young man replies. “American intelligence, they own the media machines. Most people watch CNN, but Fox has the most objective positions.”

I mean, if most Americans are watching fucking CNN, that would explain why so many o’ them are stupid ’nough to be pro-Putin.

“Their voices are getting louder!” an announcer on a Rossiya 1 newscast booms as older Germans are shown marching in a pro-Russia demonstration. “NATO out of Ukraine!” they chant. “U.S. and CIA out of Ukraine!” Afterward, an attractive young female correspondent brings cakes to Russian soldiers at the front. The war may be brutal, but, for Misha from Murmansk, it can also be sexy and exciting.

There is nothing mo’ sad than this o’erpaid idiot shaking his fist @ this rando Russian he made up in his head. “¡Damn you, Misha from Murmansk! ¡You were the cause o’ e’erything!”. ¿Can I get a citation proving that this totally-real Misha from Murmansk finds this war sexy & exciting & gives a shit @ all ’bout this woman & isn’t just listening to this program in the background while grinding for shiny Pokémon like most Americans do?

Channel 1 is stepping up its game in the propaganda Olympics with a “documentary” series called The Age of the USSR, which blends animation and old footage. The Russian language, the announcer tells us, has no word for “loser,” but instead has neudachnik, literally “unlucky person.” “The loser is guilty for what he hasn’t achieved,” the announcer explains. “The neudachnik is not guilty of a lack of achievement, just a lack of fortune, and he deserves sympathy.” Hence, Russia, a country of poor roads, decaying houses, and abysmal life expectancy, is not a nation of losers who lack achievement, but simply those upon whom fortune has not smiled. In other words: Don’t blame Putin for the mess we live in.

Yes, Russia should be mo’ like the US, who always blames ourselves for our own failings, which is why we try to blame Russia for magically brainwashing us into electing a white supremacist president in 2016 & not the US voters themselves, who are surely not racist, that’s why they were still lynching black people into the 50s. I’m not sure who this “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” line is aimed @: the Republicans dumb ’nough to believe in it are too far gone down the Russian hole & leftists don’t believe in this right-wing idea o’ shitting on “losers” for not being rich. I guess I’m not sure who this article is aimed @. Presumably a tiny minority o’ self-important people who will have no actual effect on US politics. But I won’t let that burst the bubble o’ this creative-writing-associate-degree dropout from his valiant, hard-hitting work sitting around watching shitty TV while judging the “losers” from his o’erpriced New York apartment. Here’s a propaganda tip for this writer that he could have learned from his “experiment”: propaganda works better if it’s not delivered by an insufferable douche.

And then the genocidal rhetoric is amped up with an animation showing a half-naked drunk Ukrainian in a pigsty (the actual pig is snorting nearby). The Ukrainian is shown with a haircut featuring a long lock of hair. This hair symbolism refers to the khokhol, a slur that Russians use against Ukrainians. It is equivalent to the worst kind of anti-Semitic and racist slurs. The image of the drunken Ukrainian with his khokhol haircut is no less eliminationist than the “hook-nosed Jew controlling the world” imagery of the Third Reich.

Yeah, ¿how would Russians feel ’bout media depicting them all as drunken losers who sit around their decaying homes drinking watching shitty TV all day & making up excuses for why they’re just “unlucky” instead o’ lazy & just let their husbands beat them all day?

O, wait: that’s this entire article. Well, like I said: we know why so many Americans end up pro-Putin — racist fascists tend to flock together. Perhaps this Russian-American writer didn’t intend to feed into that sentiment, but that is 100% the demographic the WASPs who run The Atlantic were aiming @ when they agreed to publish this.

Meanwhile on NTV, more German grannies are chanting “for peace” in a pro-Russia march, participating, whether they realize it or not, in what amounts to their own Nuremberg rally.

O my god, this propaganda is so fucking boring. Go back to the ol’ woman crawling on the floor & begging for forgiveness. Man, I can’t fathom what kind o’ country would have so much propaganda favorable to itself in its media.

As the day continues, NTV presents a documentary entitled I Was Zelensky’s Filth. A young imprisoned woman is accused of trying to bomb Mariupol’s city hall, after the battered city held a sham election in favor of joining Russia. “Mariupol is a place of glory for Russian forces and shame for the Kiev führer,” the announcer declares. That führer, of course, is none other than Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky himself, a Jew whose relatives perished in the Holocaust. The show visits the apartment of the supposed terrorist, which is hilariously staged with an American flag and Nazi memorabilia. Can Sasha from Samara possibly believe this nonsense?

This is pissing me off @ Russian media for a different reason: you can’t name your show “I Was Zelensky’s Filth” & have it be this boring. ¿Where’s the sex? I want to see some bad Zelensky imitator fucking plow 3 women @ a time. I want to see him make ol’ woman beg on the floor.

Meanwhile, on Rossiya 1 news, we learn that German Chancellor Olaf Scholtz has “fully committed himself to America. Germany can’t deal with the rising price of energy. The Greens are to blame. Germany will be turned into Kenya soon.”

This is hilarious propaganda ’cause, other than the Kenya exaggeration, it’s true: if Germany’s dumbass chancellor hadn’t shut down those nuclear power plants Germany wouldn’t need Russia’s climate-killing gas. I’m not sure how this sick burn serves Russia’s political goals, howe’er.

Geopolitics takes up an inordinate amount of airtime on Russian TV. Russian viewers are probably subjected to more images of U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and European Union Commission President Ursula von der Leyen than their American or European counterparts.

It makes sense that western media would want to keep such a warmonger as Blinken from too much scrutiny, which is why only the filthy leftist In These Times wants to bring it up here. Perhaps “journalists”, as they call themselves when they want to feel cute, in both countries should be ashamed @ their lack o’ scrutiny toward their own military leaders.

Day 4

There is a sadness to watching this much Russian television. I have started drinking earlier and have switched from pisco sours to vodka martinis. A part of me wants to die.

I find this writer’s constant moaning & groaning e’en mo’ unbearable ’cause here I am having to read his awful fucking reiteration o’ Russian propaganda. So not only do I get the most dumbed down version o’ what he sees, I have to see it thru his shitty-ass writing. Also, I’m not a money-wasting jackass, so I don’t know what is so inferior ’bout vodka martinis to pisco sours, ’cause I don’t waste thousands o’ $ on shit that’s just going to make me go blackout drunk, anyway. If this fuckface actually cared ’bout Ukraine he would have saved his money on grocery-store beer that’s just as good — or just not have been a degenerate drunk while hypocritically criticizing Russians for being degenerate drunks — & sent that money he saved to Ukraine’s cause. But that would be actually sacrificing himself for someone other than himself, & he only wants to pretend to do so.

But not before I catch Maria Butina’s new show on Channel 1. Butina is famous for being arrested and jailed as an unregistered Russian foreign agent in the United States. Once she was deported from the U.S., she became a member of Russia’s Parliament and, of course, the host of her own TV program. (“Today’s program is brought to you by Erecton Activ. Every woman wants to be near a strong man, strong in every way. Only 2,999 rubles.”)

Yeah, it’s crazy that Russia’s government would reward someone who did work for Russia’s government. It’s almost as if they serve their own interests & not the US’s. Like, that would be crazy if an American spy became a government official or had a show ’bout all the cool spying they did, ¿right? Clearly nobody would take that person seriously, since absolutely nobody likes spies or finds them cool.

Today, the redheaded Butina, wearing an equally red blouse and suit pants, decides to talk about Hillary Clinton. Wait, what? Who still cares about Hillary Clinton? Apparently, Butina and Tanya from Taganrog still do.

Damn, I don’t think Trump has said something so cold ’bout Clinton.

Tense music begins. According to the program, Clinton laughed “hysterically” when she was shown pictures of the death of Muammar Qaddafi. “What kind of monster responds to a person’s death like that?” Butina asks. A “psychiatrist” appears and says, “Yes, she’s a monster. But it’s because she has had to compete with men.”

I love how this writer glides o’er the inconvenient footage o’ Clinton laughing @ someone’s brutal death, which apparently included being sodomized with a bayonet. Whether “hysterical” or not, well-adjusted people don’t laugh @ pictures o’ brutal death, e’en gainst dictators. So while I don’t agree with this so-called psychiatrist’s public psychoanalysis without consent, which violates many psychological ethics, I think a layman would agree that it does make Clinton look like a terrible human being who lacks empathy. Many American liberals think Clinton is a monster: that’s kind o’ why she failed to win an election gainst Donald fucking Trump. Hating on Clinton, 1 o’ the most hateable American politicians, is the most low-hanging fruit e’er. Wake me when Russian propaganda has some shit to say ’bout Jimmy Carter.

But Hillary is just the appetizer to the entrée of evil that really controls the strings of world government. That man is of course George Soros. “He helped the Gestapo arrest his own co-religionists and then take away their own possessions,” an announcer says to chilling background music. “George Soros. The spider.”

I can’t believe Russia would steal Glenn Beck’s best bits.

Of course, the image of Jew as vermin or as a spider holding the world in its web is typical and, frankly, not even very imaginative anti-Semitic propaganda.

I would love to know how this writer thinks imaginative anti-Semitic propaganda would look.

But as I watch Butina’s show, I remember that my own grandfather was a Jew born in Ukraine who died fighting Germany’s fascist armies during the siege of Leningrad. A decade after his death, another fascist named Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was born in the city my grandfather died defending. Watching Butina and her garden-variety anti-Semitism feels like a terrible desecration of his memory.

If it makes you feel better, Russia was desecrating Ukrainians long before Putin was born. If the Nazis didn’t get him, there was a good chance the famine would’ve. You could say his invasion o’ Ukraine was “typical and, frankly, not even very imaginative”. & honestly, I think the fact that your father begat such a whiny, spoiled buffoon who compares sitting on his ass & watching television to actually fighting a war is a far greater desecration o’ your grandfather’s memory. To paraphrase the wise Kendrick Lamar: “I read this & wish your grandpa would’ve worn a condom”.

Meanwhile, on NTV’s news program, Elon Musk declares in a clip, “All news is propaganda. People have to decide for themselves.” Russian state television could not have said it better.

This is baffling on all accounts. I expect Musk to say something as empty & hypocritical; ¿but is The Atlantic trying to claim that “People have to decide for themselves” is a totalitarian idea & not, what most would consider it, an Orwellian lie that a totalitarian regime pretends to follow while presenting only voices they disagree with as the “real authoritarians”? ¿Is The Atlantic unironically against people deciding for themselves? ¿Why else would they make the absurd statement that “Russian state television could not have said it better”? Liberals would certainly say they could live it better. Also, all news is propaganda, as empty as that is to say: as George Orwell said, all art is propaganda. ¿Or is George Orwell, 1 o’ the western world’s leading critics gainst Soviet Russia, a Russian asset, too? The fact that The Atlantic, a rich, relatively powerful ( which to be fair, still isn’t all that powerful anymo’ ) part o’ the news decided to hammer its readers o’er the head with this digression gainst “the news” certainly doesn’t convince me that The Atlantic isn’t propaganda — & very sloppy, poorly-concealed propaganda, to boot.

Day 5

I can almost taste my freedom. The weather is improving, spring is finally here, and all of New York seems to be beckoning me to escape my luxurious prison cell.

Anyone who uses the term “luxurious prison cell” does not know what a real prison cell is.

But I also feel overwhelming disgust, as if there’s a thick layer of dirt behind my shirt collar.

That’s ’cause you’re a dirty fucking slob who didn’t shower the whole time you were laying there boozing up & watching shitty Russian propaganda. But you’re not a loser who can’t be bothered to take care o’ your fucking self while engaging in the easiest job in the world, you’re just a neudachnik, an unlucky person.

I watch a show called For Men / For Women, in which a woman is attacked on the street by her ex-husband, who, with the aid of his relatives, also kidnaps her little son. “I fell on the asphalt, and he is holding me down and beating me,” the woman says. “I lost my breast milk. I went to the police. The police didn’t do anything.”

O, shit, we’re reading Something Awful’s r/relationship thread. That’s my Jerry Springer.

The poor woman’s lament reminds me of the show I watched a few days prior (it now seems like a lifetime ago) about women being stalked and beaten by their ex-lovers. “He has a very aggressive nature,” a woman said of her former lover, the professional boxer. As does Russia in 2023. So many of the shows I’ve watched during the past five days were obsessed with the West, with our Clintons and Soroses and Von der Leyens. Russia is the spurned lover with the “very aggressive nature” taking out his inhumanity on the innocent neighbor next door. Despite all the posturing and doublespeak, Russian television announces as much to the world. Whether on the airwaves or, perhaps someday, at the Hague, the evidence has been clearly presented.

I sure hope Gary’s middle-school teacher gave him gold stars for this totally-not-corny metaphor. “It’s like, ¿what if Russia was, like, an abusive lover to Ukraine, bro?”.

& as an extra taunt, this article ends with an ad for this writer’s book — ’cause I certainly want more o’ this great writing. Said book is, shockingly, a bunch o’ rich assholes in a rich house & half o’ them are struggling writers & the other half are racist stereotypes, like a “Korean-American app developer” or “Southern flamethrower of an essayist” ( the latter o’ which is both ). Or if you want a real treat, you can read his most recent article @ The Atlantic, titled, “Crying myself to sleep on the biggest cruise ship ever”, which repeats this article’s riveting day-to-day gimmick, almost as if this writer is a 1-trick pony ( & that 1 trick blew ass ). The only article I want to read ’bout some rich asshole crying himself to sleep on the biggest cruise ship e’er is just before he & the ship are burned down by the proletarian uprising, &, spoilers, that badass shit doesn’t happen. Thanks for writing propaganda just as boring as Putin’s lame-ass I Was Zelensky’s Filth yet again.

Fuck The Atlantic for publishing what has got to be the least effective propaganda against Russia’s aggression against Ukraine e’er — & most insufferable writing I’ve read in a while — & fuck Putin for sparking a war that, e’en indirectly, led to it being published. With all the paranoid red-scare conspiracies people drum up, ¿are we sure The Atlantic isn’t infiltrated by Russians & this article isn’t an attempt to delegitimize Putin’s critics as useless morons? If The Atlantic really wants to help Ukraine, they should start writing propaganda for Russia: they’re such unlikable twats that they’d hurt Russia mo’ by association than by antagonism.

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