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Let’s Code a Crappy 2D Platformer Like Millions o’ Other People on the Internet & Lose Interest & Give Up Only a Few Months In, Part XXIX

Flush Flood

I still don’t know when I’ll e’er be able to make “The Minus Touch”’s video, but a’least we have “Flush Flood”. Granted, I messed up a bit in editing it: @ the end it shows the gem score having been achieved, though the achievement o’ such is ne’er shown in-video. Would’ve been nice to show off, too, since it’s very hard to do. I have an inkling that I did it off-camera & didn’t want to have to try doing it ’gain.

I like the dynamic o’ this level’s difficulty: being outrun by the water doesn’t kill you itself, but if you let it get ’head too much, you’ll have no chance o’ catching up with the surface before drowning. It required a lot o’ fine-tuning to get right, & involved programming in a bit o’ rubber-banding on the water’s end. I don’t remember the exact #s, but it’s speed varies depending on its relative position to you, with a max & min so it can’t just race upward if you’re way ’head or doesn’t just stop if you’re too low.

’Cause you want to race ’head o’ the water, anyway, getting the time bonus isn’t too hard, as shown in the video. It’s getting all the gems that’s hard, since many o’ them are just slightly out o’ the way. Originally, they were all e’en mo’ out o’ the way, but I wanted to make as many o’ them as I could possible to get, while also keeping the level somewhat difficult e’en if not going for any gems, so I can’t allow the player to detour too much.

This level is where this code belongs

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